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Car Wash Services


Express Wash


Soft Cloth Tunnel Wash
Spot Free Rinse
Turbo Air Dry

Super Wash


Express Wash plus…
In-Tunnel Wheel Cleaner
Triple Foam Wax
Clear Coat Conditioner

Ultimate Wash


The Super Wash plus…
In-Tunnel Tire Shine
Underbody Wash

Ultimate Hot Wax


The Ultimate Wash plus…
 Hot Wax & Shine
 All Surface




Soft Touch Tunnel Wash
Interior vacuum
Dust Console, Dash & Cup Holders
Hand Towel Dry

The Wheel Deal


Deluxe Wash Package plus…
Clear Coat Conditioner
Triple Foam Wax
Wheels Finished by Hand
Tire Shine by Hand

Wheels & Hot Wax


The Wheel Deal plus…
Hot Wax & Shine
Underbody Rust Shield
All Surface

Have you recently thought to yourself “where is a car wash near me that can make my vehicle look its best again?” If so, you’ll be very happy with the experience you have at Cypress Pride Car Wash and Lube. Instead of being forced to settle for less than exactly what you want or pay for extras that you don’t currently need, we offer a variety of great packages to fit precisely what you want done to your vehicle.

Express Exterior Wash Packages
We offer four different Express Exterior Wash packages. Our most popular is the Ultimate Wash. This package includes a soft cloth tunnel wash, spot free rinse, turbo air dry, in-tunnel wheel cleaner, triple foam wax, clear coat conditioner, in-tunnel tire shine and underbody wash. The Ultimate Wash is the perfect way to make your vehicle’s exterior look amazing! If your vehicle doesn’t need quite as much done when you visit us, you’ll be very happy with an Express or Super Wash. And if you want to finish off your vehicle with an incredible shine, our Ultimate Hot Wax package is the perfect option.

Full Service Wash Packages

If the main question you’ve found yourself asking goes along the lines of “is there a full service car wash near me,” we make it easy to answer yes. Our Deluxe package includes soft touch tunnel wash, interior vacuum, dusting and hand towel dry. Our Wheel Deal package adds clear coat conditioner, triple foam wax, wheels finished by hand and tire shine by hand. And our Wheels & Hot Wax package tops everything off with a hot wax & shine plus underbody rust shield.

You can even take things a step further and answer yes to the question of “is there a hand car wash near me” by taking advantage of our hand car wash with lamb’s wool mitt, which we finish off with tire shine dressing. Our pricing for our hand wash service starts from just $44.99 for all coupes/sedans and trucks/SUVs.

Whether you’re in need of a tunnel drive-through car wash or have been wanting a more hands-on approach to cleaning, the variety of car wash packages we provide in our car wash environment means you’ll be able to get exactly the type of clean that you want. So all that’s left for you to do is come visit our car wash location today and experience what Cypress Pride Car Wash and Lube is all about for yourself!

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